This kind of consultation is feasible for people living abroad or in different state and apparently our expert communicates with them via different modes of online networks to share plans and further discussion. Online consultation is exclusive for people stays internationally which also saves their time and money. Implementation is although varies from both on site and off site consultation because here we work only through online without meeting personally. The steps involve in online consultation are:

» Discussing on plans of property for directions, location and placement. » Instructing them to built property as per Vastu norms.
» Checking defects if any and providing solutions through remedies.
» Providing details of directions and placement of every room for instance living room location, study room, master bedroom, worship room, store room and locker room.
» Giving details of consequences owner can have due to Vastu defects or dosha.
» Providing Vastu tips for the placement and location of things including kitchen gas stove, sink, bathroom tap, WC, bed, clock, books and water fountain etc.

Off-line Vastu

Vastu off site consultation is another form of service we provide to our clientele but the only difference between off site and on site consultation lies is there is no personal visit to the client's site. However, the rest of process in off site consultation is same as in on site and people living far off areas have major advantage in receiving this service. All the methods in this service are same and the client either send his/her layout or plan via e-mail or personally by visiting our office. Our expert keenly examines the directions of plot and discusses the same with clientele through different mode of communication feasible to client. Off site consultation involves these steps:

» Assessing plot or existing property through plan sent by client.
» Examining plot and directions.
» Discussing details regarding plot and providing suitable tips for the same.
» Client can visit to office for discussing further if he/she is not convinced by telecommunication or e-reports.
» Detailed reports are being sent to all clients with marked directions on plot and tips given for the placement & location of every section of property.
» Reports are being sent via e-mail or courier but client if wish can come personally to collect report.