Vastu has its one importance in industries as the owner of any industry faces so many problems without departments; labor, in production unit, in getting orders and delivery in time and even with the management people etc. A little mistake in applying vastu can give big harms so he has to be careful in vastu applications since from the decision of a plot, facing of a plot, main entrance, office block, production area, dispatch black, canter generator, water supply and other so many aspects.

A Vastu Consultant with good knowledge of his subject can help you a lot; obstacle in construction can be vanished and one can complete it with time and money saving. That industrial unit will be so auspicious to give you growth and fame. The right placement of machines, right facing of working employees can help you lot.

The worker quarters, watchman room should be well placed according to Vastu. Entrance for industry must be as per Vastu because wrong entrance can raise so many problems in your factory. Elevation of building and floor levels, basement open garden and car parkings, loading finished good and unloading raw material and their placement in the industry can be right placed by the help of a Vastu Consultant.

Main water source, under ground water and upper ground water tank can enhance or shrink your profit and even can give or save you from major or minor accidents. Even the placement of oil tanks in many industries, washing and dying unit in readymade garments industries has there own good place so that can help you to grow fast and smoothly. If any body is setting a new industrial unit of facing any problems in his existing industry can consult with us for Vastu./p>