Some people love to live in the lap of nature. Those people who are doing their well established business in big cities or the people who doing farming in their fields. Most time choose to live in the farm houses near to their fields or far away from fast and congested life of highly populated and polluted metro cities.

This is a healthy and lavish living with lot of greenery, swimming pool, plays grounds etc. Beside there facilities the construction of a farmhouse needs place for guard room, servant quarters, guest house and even a small unit for parties and get-togethers.

A single mistake in the right placement of all there things write main building according to vastu is important. While doing the Vastu of a farm house a good vastu consultant give exact place to main entrance at exulted area of main direction of the plot.

Main entrance to building is decided on the behalf of the planetary positions of the most of the family members living in that house. Proper placement of kitchen, bathroom, Pooja room, bedroom, drawing room, dining room according to vastu is decided or ingested.

A good vastu can give you good granter in financial matters with Good Harmony, Peace and Good Health. Swimming pool and under ground water tanks, water tanks at roof and same like to use solar heating system that all needs vastu consultation as any carelessness can have you or give your vastu consultation.