VastuShastri Mahendar Jain is the foremost Vastu Consultant of the country from over two decades now. He was born in 1959 in Rajasthan. His Vastu remedies have helped thousands of companies and individuals to achieve success and growth in business, political and personal life. On the basis of more than 10,000 successful Vastu case studies, documented through his scientific research, he has distilled a 4-Step Vastu application method, popularly known as 'Guru Vastu'.

An Commerce Graduate and successful businessman. Having interest in numerology, homeopathy, occult power, swarvagyan, publication, and Doctor on Vastu Shastra Mahendar Jain's major areas of interest and research have been - 'to study the effects of land, building and stars on subconscious mind, thinking and feelings.

At Guru Vastu Centre, Chennai, he has an experienced team of senior Guru Vastu Consultants, Architects and Interior designers who assist him in designing Vastu perfect housing, industry, flats, offices and bungalows. It's because of the scientific research on Vastu Shastra done by Dr. Mahendar Jain that new flat buyers prefer to buy Guru Vastu perfect apartments. Mahendar is committed to make the best Vastu services available for every home on Earth and, thus, fulfil his social responsibility of creating best opportunities for self-employment.

Guru Vastu is the pioneer in the domain of Vastu without structural changes. It's well researched and tested solutions drive the demand for Guru Vastu services amongst our esteemed clients. This has strengthened its premium positioning in the world of Vastu. A constantly evolving service portfolio for customised Vastu solutions without suggesting demolitions is the distinctive quality of the Guru Vastu Centres. It all started in 1992 when Vastu Guru Mahendar jain started practising Vastu in Chennai.. His uncompromising attitude and persistence to deliver the best has now manifested in the form of Guru Vastu Centre - world's #1 Vastu Consultancy.

With many people working diligently with latest systems and technology towards fulfilment of his mission, the group is accredited. Guru Vastu is the science to be in harmony with oneself by being in harmony with the directions of the Cosmos. Setting the right directions helps attract money, prosperity, health, happiness and growth in any building with easy to apply Vastu solutions to correct Vastu defects. A scientific, well researched 4-Step Vastu application method has been engineered by Guru Vastu. This is based upon accurate diagnosis of the root cause of a problem by understanding the cause and effect relationship. This is followed by the application of practical Guru Vastu solutions and simple remedies to rectify the situation.

Guru Vastu is both an Art and Science, to achieve a balance between the actions we perform and the energies of our space help us attain our goals. What Ayurveda is for the body and Yoga is for the mind, likewise, Guru Vastu is for our lives.